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Here is a collection of different erotic and hentai flash games!

20-07-2018, 13:19
Rimhaven v0.1 (text based)

Rimhaven is an adult text-based RPG game. Amber City. A sprawling, rain soaked metropolis carved by an ancient river of the same name. Bright neon sparks dance on its restless waters, reflecting vivid colors from the advertising screens and holograms engulfing the city. Monolithic buildings pierce the thick layer of blackened clouds to reach the vibrant sunlight above the moody perpetual darkness, giving the obscenely rich quite a view.
When the first augs became commercially available everybody wanted to be a part of the transhumanist evolution, but only a select few could afford it among the lower level citizens, the majority being criminals using their ill-gotten gains to get a professional edge over the competition.
Six years later, a massive virus outbreak decimated the city’s population. Even now, nobody knows much about the virus, except that it had somehow targeted augmented thieves, mercenaries, prostitutes, addicts and other augmented citizens with criminal inclinations. During the first year a quarantine zone was established in one of the city’s massive districts where all afflicted were being sent to, in effect creating a massive prison for augmented criminals under the guise of concern. Huge reinforced walls were built around the designated zone, and quarantine was strictly maintained by heavily armored city troops. The outbreak lasted for three years, during which time five major criminal gangs fought for dominance, eventually joining forces to form The Syndicate. Using their combined strength, they completely took over the quarantined zone, and declared its independence from Amber City, naming their new territory Rimhaven.
19-07-2018, 14:29
Energize! (Adult game flash)

This is a flash mini-game where you have a teleport with force fields and a sexy girl who is a girl at your disposal...
19-07-2018, 14:08
Fantasium (Adult flash game)

a Small flash game about sex with a girlfriend that you can customize to your taste...
Seekers: Good Ending (play xxx games)

New sex game by Seekers. This time the main character was the Morrigan Aensland...
Crypto-Bordello! (Adult flash game)

Porn flash game about a lonely guy who decided to visit a brothel. There is also a mini-game.
Rick and Morty - A way back home v1.2.6 (Adult web game)

Alpha version of the game about Rick and Morty heroes. You have to play for Morty, explore the city in search of adventure...
New version v1.2.6
Welcome To Inventis v0.2 (game online adult)

You have agreed to participate in our new 30 Days to Freedom test program here at the Inventis Resort. In your application it said that you were having issues with memory loss and you think this has to do with certain memories of the past. That you have tried different approaches but were not able to fix it yourself.
That resulted in feelings of being stuck in a place that you don't want to be in. That you wanted for once in your life to feel real freedom by finding out what is wrong and how to fix it.
Here at the Inventis Resort we hope to be able to help you find the solution to your problems and give you the freedom you so desire.
Mario is Missing PUT v.3.47 (Adult game)

Mario is Missing PUT

New erotic adventure Mario...
The new version v.3.47
My Brothel v0.13 (Adult game)

You inherited from parents a dilapidated brothel. Your task is to restore it and start making money, protecting your business from different bandits...
The new version v0.13
Online Girl (game online adult)

You grew up in a small town, and never really felt like you fitted in there. You spent a lot of time pretty much on your own and found yourself drawn to your computer which offered you a window into the larger world out there.
You childhood years was your neighbour Riley. You would spend a couple hours each night after school together, chatting, bitching and playing console games together. There wasn't much you really kept from each other, and she was always the first person you turned to when your parents would fight.
Eventually however it came to time to head off to college and despite all your plans to go to the same university your specialities just didn't suggest a good place to cater to you both. So you each headed off your separate ways, at first you phoned each other every week, then it was every other week. By the end of the first year you had pretty much stopped talking. You had finally found a group of friends who you felt at home with and started spending more and more time with them.
When it came to vacations you stayed in your college city. Your parents divorced not long after you left, they sold your childhood home and both headed off to opposite sides of the country. The majority of the contact you had with them after that was the money they deposited into you account each month.
It's been a few years now since you graduated and found a job working in IT for a large corporation in the same town you went to college in. And today starts out like pretty much every day since...